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Otto rating

Post by Joe Faust » Wed Oct 03, 2018 5:06 am

What is an Otto rating ?

Self-Soar Association adopted a membership system where members were called Otto members. This all was to honor and share the spirit of Otto Lilienthal, considered by many as the father of hang gliding. An Otto rating wraps a hang glider pilot who honors by conduct self-soar flying with high good judgement toward the safety of others and oneself consistently. There is an aim for zero incidents, zero actions that injure the hang gliding community within the eyes of society. An Otto rated pilot has won the esteem of the elders of Self-Soar Association for the pilot's self-management while enjoying hang gliding safely within the style and type of hang gliding chosen by that pilot which may not fit the styles of others. The Otto pilot helps other pilots and spectators in hang gliding scenes.

Any landowner finding an Otto rating applied to a Hang Glider Pilot at USHGRS may have high confidence of respectful behavior, helpfulness, and fair dealing. has joined the S-SA Otto rating.

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