WW Eagle 164 Free or will be Scrapped (TAKEN)

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WW Eagle 164 Free or will be Scrapped (TAKEN)

Post by Mike M » Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:08 am

Glider is going to good home :).

WW Eagle 164 that I have flown off and on the past two decades. One owner. Never crashed.

Pick up at my home or at Sylmar LZ only. I will not ship.

Flew it last in the Big Sur trip this Fall. Still flies straight. HOWEVER, battens are corroding with some having holes due to corrosion. This is because the 2024 aluminum used on Eagle battens is subject to corrosion.

This glider is primarily being given away as a "parts" glider. The frame is not corroded and in good condition. The sail is slightly stretched but tuned well. Two extra downtubes are included. Can also be used to make old school glider rack ....

This is a take all or nothing offer. I need to make room at my house for a new glider. So, you can't just ask for the downtubes only for example.

Finally, only qualified USHGA pilots can take this glider . You have to know what you're getting and understand consequences.

Absent any response I will scrap the glider in 30 days to recycle and landfill as appropriate.

PM me for contact information.


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