dhmartens letter to ushawks.org

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dhmartens letter to ushawks.org

Post by dhmartens » Wed Aug 24, 2016 3:32 pm

BobK and ushawks,

I negotiated with Ken Andrews my regional director of USHPA 8/21/2016 and when I asked him the status of your insurance being reinstated he said you were not cooperating or being cooperative. I asked him for an example of your being uncooperative and he mentioned the chapter status issue. I got the impression from him that if you provide the detailed roster information that they ask for even though it seems you are being singled out for an unknown reason(Although I discussed with him the possibility of what this reason might be), then with that roster information you might receive your insurance reinstated. The worst that could happen is they will not reinstate your insurance or chapter, however that is exactly the type of outcome that would help me in my efforts using other venues to insure fairness as provided by a 3rd party.

Doug Martens
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I posted that letter on this thread at ushawks.org
http://www.ushawks.org/forum/viewtopic. ... 570#p18759

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