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Post by dhmartens » Sun Apr 03, 2016 5:10 pm

According to Wikipedia:

In 2016 she will retire from the City Council due to term limits. A total of five candidates are running to replace her, including her husband, Bruce.[17]


The real story about Sea World
SeaWorld to End Killer Whale Breeding Program | NBC Nightly News

Did any think the Whales might breed on their own?

btw: the whales may be able to survive if released into the wild.
Springer (killer whale)

As of 2013, Springer has been observed with her pod in Johnstone Strait, becoming the only cetacean in history to be successfully reintegrated into a wild population after human intervention.[3] In July 2013, 11 years after her rescue, Springer was seen off the central British Columbia coast with a new calf and is considered to be a contributing member of that population.[4]

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