Parachute Clinic June 18 2016

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Parachute Clinic June 18 2016

Post by KatShaw » Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:04 am

WINDSPORTS will be hosting a parachute repack(50.00) and clinic (free) to SHGA members in the LZ on June 18th. If interested please signup with Kat ( times will be 8-11am with a flying/lunch break from 11-3pm completion of clinic from 3-7pm.
Kat Shaw

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Post by greblo » Fri Jun 10, 2016 1:38 pm

Thanks Kat,
Parachute Safety Clinic

Quoted from Betty Pfieffer……...

Every pilot flies with safety equipment. We know it’s there but we never want to use it. But how well do we understand it and do we know when and how to use it? What are the limitations of throwing a parachute and what should you expect after a successful—or unsuccessful—deployment?

Do you deploy your parachute if…
• You tumble four times and the glider rights itself
• You are flying on a crowded ridge and hear a loud twang from your upper rigging. Your friend radios you that your king post is down
• You are 30 feet off the ground

And what do you do IF…
• You have deployed your parachute and are coming down over water
• You have just witnessed a deployment from the air
• You have deployed your parachute and are stuck 10 feet off the ground in power lines
• Your glider breaks 50 feet over the tree tops

We’ll cover…
• How a parachute works—parachute types, para-swivels, size & weight considerations
• Decision to deploy—Hypothetical and real scenarios to consider
• How to execute proper deployments—Problems after deployment and strategies to handle them
• Strategies for preparing for landing—How to avoid being hurt or dragged
• Water landings, power lines, and other major hazards
• How to repack you own parachute—Inspecting harnesses and parachute systems for proper materials, workmanship, maintenance and installation
• And many other topics

The day’s schedule…
8 am to 11 am—History of the Hang Gliding Reserve, design evolution, deployment procedures and deployment tossing practice with dummy chutes and videos of actual deployment
11 am to 3 pm—Break for lunch and flying
3 pm to 7 pm—Wrap up videos and simulator practice deployments with pilot harnesses

NOTE: Pilots who deploy their actual reserves may not have them repacked and ready to fly for several days after the clinic.

For every new pilot and those who have been flying for years, this is invaluable information. Sign up for the clinic now. You can never be too prepared.  
(Home page teaser copy)

Everyone knows someone who has been in a situation where they have deployed their parachute (ask Phill). It’s a situation we don’t want to believe will happen to us. The worst thing is, we have no way of practicing what to do.

• Do you deploy your parachute if you tumble four times and the glider rights itself?
• What do you do if you have deployed your parachute and are stuck in power lines 10 feet off the ground?

If you’ve ever wondered what to do in case you find yourself with a deployment situation, then you should sign up for the SHGA Parachute Clinic. This Clinic will better prepare you for an emergency situation and may help save your life. Go to the Pilot Forum for more details.
Safety is a book, not a word
Michael Robertson

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