SCFR 2016 - Getting ready

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SCFR 2016 - Getting ready

Post by Chip » Thu Aug 18, 2016 11:28 am

Well, we have a good number of pilots going to the Santa Cruz Flats Race in Casa Grande Arizona this year, comp starts on September 11th and runs through September 17th.

So far on the ticket we have:

Kevin Kernohan (fresh from the Fort Funston race), sporting a new harness (Tenax 4), a new Moyes RX5, and likely a new flight computer that should be here in about 10 days. Don't see his name on the pilot list, but he was there a while ago.

Greg Kendall with his new RX 3.5 sail, looks a lot like the old sail with a technora top. I think he'll most likely be the one to beat from the Sylmartarians. Greg has been to this comp just about every year and knows the place well. He's flying well at his latest comps. Greg is typically in the air very early, which sometimes has made it tough for him waiting in the air for the clock to start. But it's usually better to be in the air than sweating it out on the ground, unless the air isn't going up.

Phil Bloom always a force to contend with. But I hear he's going just for the steak salads and the party atmosphere.

Ron Kienan has an ongoing bet with our next pilot that he's going to smoke him everyday. If it wasn't for Ron lending his spare gear to this pilot, this would likely round out the list of Sylmartarians. Ron does well in his comps, but hasn't been in a tow meet for a while. But neither has Kevin. Should be interesting.

Jeff Chipman luckily has a few friends that would rather beat his sorry ass in a flying competition than see him sit this one out just because some low life decided to break into his car and steal his harness, and all of his flying gear minus the glider itself. Jeff is going to score the Sylmartarians against each other on each task so we can run our own comp within a comp. Should be some serious smack talk going down. Jeff is using Ron's old Tenax 3 harness and has a new flight computer coming from DigiFLy.

Jay Devorak fresh from a less than stellar comp in Big Spring Texas partly due to the weather, but maybe somewhat due to his rather pretty driver. Jay is driving for the Sylmartarians this year. Since Jay has competed here, he should be one of the best drivers around.

We'll try and post as much about our adventure as possible. Stay tuned!

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Post by chadness » Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:32 pm

great crew. GO SYLMARTIANS. Actually that is a pretty good team name...

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