SCFR2015 Task 5

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SCFR2015 Task 5

Post by jdevorak » Thu Sep 17, 2015 9:30 pm

Wednesday, day 5 started out with a trip to the Laundromat in town. Ken and Greg say they just bring a big bag of clothes and go home with a big bag of laundry. Mike Degtoff, our driver, wears shorts while he’s working the tow line and wears them into the shower to wash them. I stink too much to wear mine two days in a row, necessitating the mid week trip. Jammie Sheldon, the meet director, knows of the hardships. She brings unsold T-shirts to unload them to the hard pressed. Anyway, while doing my thing, I get a text. Weather looks great. Pilot briefing is moved up a half hour. Get ready to fly.
The winds of the previous two days will die down. Top of lift will be about the same. There will be no clouds. The first clock will be earlier to make more use of the daylight. They made an out and back task designed to get more people to goal. Sounds good in theory. I check it out in Google Earth and make a good plan. Get high, go southwest to the Casa Grande Mountains 10 miles away, run the (black) ridge, which is only a little bit off course line and points to the first weigh point 5k past the south end. It started out well. I caught a slow climb off of tow which got better and better. Several gliders came in under me and I gained altitude on them. It started to go wrong at 7k. I use a field called required glide to weigh point. If the climb is better than the drift the L/D required will get smaller. If it doesn’t it’s time to go. I thought the number stopped getting smaller but I was on the wrong page and looking at a different user field all together. Bottom line is I left early. I found a couple of small climbs along the way which got me to the mountains only a couple of hundred over. I traveled the length of the ridge feeling only a few bubbles. I landed off of the south end. Later I found out that Kendall and Coomber were following me several hundred feet higher and did manage to get a good climb out of it. After I got retrieved, I found out that a dust devil flipped over one of the trikes and broke its keel.
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