SCFR2015 Task 1

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SCFR2015 Task 1

Post by jdevorak » Sun Sep 13, 2015 8:22 pm

Didn’t go according to plan. The plan was to keep attacking. My start was only about 30 seconds behind and maybe a hundred feet lower. We flew about 10 kilometers before we found our first thermal. I caught up and climbed well. Then I would hit the bottom of the gaggle of 30 gliders all turning in different directions and scribing different circles. It was like sticking your head up into a bee hive. I just couldn’t pick my way through. Greg Kendall was becoming annoyed too. Ken just found it challenging. After a few glide and climbs Greg took the lead and I went with him. After a relatively short glide he found a slow climb. The others came in on him. I saw some small mountains up ahead so I pressed on taking the lead. It only lasted for about 5k. The pack flew by a hundred feet over me and I started playing catch up again. The task was a simple out and back. I took the lead again about 25k from goal…just before I landed. It was a good landing. A loser’s consolation.
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Post by jcflies » Mon Sep 14, 2015 5:18 am

Never a loser; comps. are for learning! Losing is when you cease to get out there and attempt new things.

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