Loading waypoints into a 5030, using FlyChart

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Loading waypoints into a 5030, using FlyChart

Post by Chip » Mon Nov 13, 2006 11:43 pm

Since so many of you rich guys are buying those fancy smancy 5030's, I figured someone should tell you how to load waypoints and routes using the software designed to do it. 8)

First thing you'll need to do (if you haven't already) is download the the software. You can do that here.

The software install is pretty easy, just stick with the defaults and let the install program do the rest. For our discussion we're only going to concentrate on the loading of waypoints and routes. FlyChart can also program your instrument pages as well as save them to a file just in case you really blow it and mess up your settings one day showing someone else how smart you are.

Since FlyChart can accept waypoints and routes in the CompeGPS format you should download the latest version of the Sylmar Waypoints from the forum.
If your going to join in on the race series get your files here. The race series are basically all the same waypoints except ALL waypoints have altitude information.

Once you have the program loaded and the files downloaded, we're ready to begin. Start by turning on your instrument and navigating to the waypoints menu. Do not go into the waypoints menu. Now open the FlyChart software, if you get a error or warning just click by the error and select Extras menu → System Settings.

If the program is initially displaying in another language you can fix that here. It will be the 5th menu item from the left. Make sure your language is set correctly and then using the drop-down menu select your instrument (the 5030 for all you rich guys).

After selecting your instrument, choose your port. For most of your it's going to be COM1. Select Apply and OK.

Now we're ready to load the waypoints. In the Extras menu choose → Flight instrument options.

In the right hand pane of the flight instrument options page, choose waypoints. Once here you will be able to choose a file that contains the waypoints you want to load. Browse to the location you saved the downloaded waypoints file. Once you choose the files you will see them loaded into a window.

You can now upload the waypoints into your instrument by pressing the upload button in the software

Repeat the above procedure for any routes you want to load.

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