Spring Air Festival 2013

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Spring Air Festival 2013

Post by Chip » Fri May 17, 2013 7:18 pm

Weather synopsis on the day before the Spring Air:

The RASP is showing a height of 6k and mostly west winds at about 8 - 10 mph @ 1400

Later around 1500, the lift is supposed to approach 6.5k - 7k. Just to put this into perspective, today was predicted to be 7k by the RASP. Cutter had it predicted better @ 5k, Windsports had it predicted the same.

The BlipSpot showed it close to 5.1k with SW winds @ 9 mph

Calls to the LZ verified altitude of 4.7k.

I guess this all to say that it's really hard to tell what tomorrow will bring, but we will fly, just not as high as last week.

Remember, this is a fun meet, nothing at stake here. Just have fun and bring your awesome landing skills and appetite. 8)

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