Alpha 210 for sale

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Alpha 210 for sale

Post by Joe Faust » Tue Oct 16, 2018 11:45 am

EDIT, October 21, 2018: WING SOLD TODAY.
Off market.
The Alpha 210: SOLD! Off the market now. :o
Onwards! Upwards! :!: :!: :idea: :idea:

Wills Wing: Alpha 210 was new to Frank Colver, USHGA #7, sail signed. Barely used at Dockweiler. Joe Faust, USHGA #5 bought it from Frank. I'll sign next to Frank's name soon. Only short-time use Dockweiler only mini flights. Excellent condition. Kept fully snug out of weather. Excellent bag condition. Truck transportation involved 100% length cushioned platform with an additional cover over bag. Tender care was given.
Basebar has surface scratches from wheel action.

New from dealer: suggested retail: $3775.
Almost-new condition: You may have it at your pickup by appointment near Cal State Los Angeles for $2000. :!: :!: :!:

Why am I selling it? I just donated to charity my truck that carried the Alpha. I'll not be having a HG transporting car or truck for the remainder of my life. I have decided to put every ounce of my HG energy into building and flying a city-busable airframed hang glider of pack length of 5 ft.

Owner's Manual PDF doc HERE

And see:

View hang gliding ratings at: US Hang Gliding Rating System

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