Draining the USHPA swamp?

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Draining the USHPA swamp?

Post by Bob Kuczewski » Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:20 am

It's interesting to note that most of USHPA's "Executive Commitee" are "Directors at Large" which means they're not even accountable by any vote of the general members:


Take Mark Forbes, for example. He was just voted off the Board by the members of his region in December, 2017. But his cronies on the Board made him a "Director at Large". Isn't that convenient.

Same for USHPA's President Paul Murdoch and USHPA's Secretary Steve Rodrigues. Both are unelected "Directors at Large". That's 3/4 of the Executive Committee. The same for Felipe Amunategui (one of USHPA's lowest).

So much for any hope of draining that swamp.
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