Canadian insurance works at ushpa flying sites/Racketeering

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Canadian insurance works at ushpa flying sites/Racketeering

Post by dhmartens » Mon Jul 18, 2016 8:15 pm

crossposted at ushawks:

According to my notes Canadian insurance works at all US ushpa flying sites. This needs to be verified, but is part of my plan to replace ushpa with a "Hang Glider Control" based ios website. Bob could get this insurance now and fly now.

On another note I am looking at implicating ushpa with Racketeering charges. ... -rico.html

I would have more information but got distracted with a new tennis racketeering app.

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Re: Canadian insurance works at ushpa flying sites/Racketeering

Post by Bob Kuczewski » Mon Jul 18, 2016 9:12 pm

dhmartens wrote:crossposted at ushawks:

According to my notes Canadian insurance works at all US ushpa flying sites. This needs to be verified, but is part of my plan to replace ushpa with a "Hang Glider Control" based ios website. Bob could get this insurance now and fly now.
Canadian insurance is a good idea. But what about California's recreational use statute? Any landowner is immune from liability if no invitation is made and no money is charged. I believe donations would be fine. Money that currently goes to USHPA could instead go to Sylmar.
dhmartens wrote:On another note .... ... -rico.html
Aside from racketeering, USHPA is wide open for an anti-trust lawsuit (if they don't go "belly up" first).

USHPA squandered the recreational pilot insurance we all paid for with decades of dues.They squandered it to give a pass to their buddies and nothing has changed. Sylmar's donations to the RRG should have stayed ... at Sylmar.
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Post by dhmartens » Wed Jul 20, 2016 1:32 pm

nope it appears Canadian insurance does not work in the US. suggests travel insurance.
FYI: OUT OF PROVINCE (aka BC Medical, ambulance, search and rescue) fees can be a horrendous shock.

Third-party liability insurance. The HPAC/ACVL insurance is good in Canada. It is useful to buy a national membership in the country you are visiting to get the proper coverage. Some countries will require that you do. In the US, most sites will require that you buy USHGA insurance. Check before you go. ... a3ed740828

Maybe I was thinking UK insurance is good in the EU?

you get an IPPI-Card (rating)

that is good in the EU

French assurance: (french language) ... rances.pdf

2. Insurance
Personal liability insurance is mandatory, insurance coverage must be at least 1.5 million Euro

The pilots must have a CHF 1 million third party insurance (about 660’000 €). You always
have to carry the proof about this cover with you.

In order to enter the national XCL or local Comps We in the Uk have to join the BHPA to get 3rd liability cover costing about £80 per year, it does include what in my opinion is a very poor monthly magazine, but what do other Nations pay to join thier National Areo Club or National Body and what benifits do you get.
I have just joined the Scottish Power Kite Association which gives £5,000,000 liability cover plus many other benifits for £25 per year,and I would guess I am far more likely to injure a 3rd party kiting than I am paragliding.

SHV-Membership: CHF 90 - professionally-made magazine (8 issues per year), prerequisite to joining the Swiss League, no insurance included.
CHF 10 Million 3rd party liability insurance through SHV/Generali (only available to members, you can get it from somewhere else if you want, but to my knowledge they are all more expensive): CHF 85 for solo, 205 for tandem pilots - having such an insurance when flying a paraglider is mandatory in Switzerland
SHV sporting licence (required to compete in Swiss Cup, Swiss League Cup, Swiss Nationals, Swiss Cross Country Cup on XContest): CHF 52.80 (for first discipline, if you want to compete in hang gliding, or aerobatics as well, it's another CHF 28 for each)
Swiss AeroClub membership (required to obtain an FAI sporting license): CHF 64 - another magazine, of no particular interest to paraglider pilots
FAI sporting license: CHF 17

So in my case (paragliding-only tandem international competition pilot) this adds up to CHF 428.80, or EUR 351 or GBP 306. For a solo pilot competing nationally, it would be CHF 227.80, or EUR 187 or GBP 163

The privilege to fly all over the world with my friends: priceless! Smile

I totally agree with you,and if I find a way to get around the BHPA ''almost'' monopoly,that does provide the 3rd party cover required I will let everyone know.

well at 80 pounds very cheep i am paying over 6000 pounds for 9 employees so 750 per head for the same cover as the bhpa. remember it does not take much of a claim these days to run into hundreds of thousands. still think that considering we are unregulated and can free fly without checks we are very lucky to have an organisation to work on our behalf.

cheers gary ... membership

Axa flugschulen Austria does Irish insurance which covers you for the world Except America. The web site will provide full details. On Ihpa website or Google them.
I then use a separate insurance for personal accident repatriation cover. It ends up expensive for international cover but it is worth it for a risky sport. Having flown back in a jet from Salamanca spain James bond style I can vouch for that. Of course I was not in a tux at the time. :)
As mentioned insurance companies as regularly contacting bhpa Ihpa asking if pilots are members\ trained. Graham.

I cancelled my BHPA membership (number 174) this morning. After 17 years of membership, I will not renew it when it expires next month. The decision not to renew was depressingly easy.

The simple reason is that the BHPA no longer represents my interests as a pilot. In particular, the BHPA's push for increasingly heavy regulation of wings permitted to be flown in competition is directly against my interests as a small pilot wanting to fly in competitions in a lightweight and friendly atmosphere.

The BHPA Exec's use of bureaucratic tricks to stifle alternative proposals has left a sour taste. Their arrogant refusal to engage in dialogue and childish threats through the EHPU to ruin competitions for years if they don't get their way is simply disgusting. I do not want the BHPA to be able to claim that it speaks on my behalf.

When the BHPA was formed we employed 10.5 staff to run the office. Now we are down to 3.7 or thereabouts. This has all come about through technology. We are a paperless office with everything stored electronically. The database system is set up to deal with certain specific combinations of membership.

Clearly the idea that you would be a non flying member and yet hold an FAI Sporting Licence is not a logical position to hold.

Further, sometimes we link things for admin convenience. So - nowadays - if you are a British competitor who lives abroad full time, our insurance - recently upped to £ 5 million - covers you all year round when you are abroad. The insurers do require an extra £ 25 for this and so we knew that everyone who qualified would need an FAI Licence and so we upped the charge of the licence to pick up the £ 25 for foreign resident pilots.

Net result - if you are a foreign resident who represents the UK in FAI comps and needs insurance and an FAI Licence - you can have it for around £ 50. ( Approx £ 25 of normal membership is insurance )

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