Azusa Fire TFR

Latest information on airspace restrictions or notices that all Kagel pilots should be aware of prior to flying. Please include the NOTAM or TFR issue date in the subject line.
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Azusa Fire TFR

Post by stebbins » Wed Aug 26, 2009 11:54 am

As of Wed morning, 8/26/2008, there is a TFR over the mountains near Azusa due to fire fighting.

The TFR goes deep enough into the mountains that going around it is highly unlikely. Theoretically, you could go over it, but since it goes to 6500 feet and it is 5 NM in radius (10 in diameter), that's not going to happen without spectacular improvement in flying conditions. And it's probably not smart even then.

If you stay W of Wilson, you are clear of it. That even gives quite a margin. If you need more info, go to the FAA website. It is on the first (sticky) link in the TFR/NOTAM thread.

Airspace Definition:
Center: On the POMONA VORTAC (POM) 318 degree radial at 8.4 nautical miles. (Latitude: 34º12'15"N, Longitude: 117º51'52"W)
Radius: 5 nautical miles
Altitude: From the surface up to and including 6500 feet MSL
Effective Date(s):
From August 26, 2009 at 0316 UTC
Until further notice
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