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Ignore Button

Post by Chip » Thu Jan 21, 2016 11:46 pm

Well because you all cannot "play" nice, I've been forced to mod the forum so you all can "ignore" each others post because some here are so thin skinned.

So, you'll notice that each post is adorned with an ignore button.

For it to work effectively, you'll need to be signed in so that the forum can determine if the offending party is in your precious "ignore" list

Use it to your hearts content :roll:

PS. You cannot ignore yourself. If you need to remove someone from your ignore list, click on the one of the posts that is collapsed as a result of the user being in your ignore list and re-ignore them. Since this is not allowed, you'll be prompted to go to the ignore page where you can see all of those wonderful individuals you banished from your on line world. From the ignore list page, you can remove them from the ignore list or if you really want to reduce your cluttered little world you can add even more people to your ignore list, as long as you know their forum name.

If what I saw today continues to happen, mainly individuals changing their names as to attempt to circumnavigate the ignore list (which will not work anyway), you'll get a time out.