Heat Miser & Snow Miser (song) Weather Control

Or more like weather education. I've posted information I use to help figure out the day. Often I'll also post graphics with explanations of "why" the weather guessers think the day is good.

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Heat Miser & Snow Miser (song) Weather Control

Post by dhmartens » Tue Dec 24, 2013 5:57 pm


from wikipedia: (Heat Miser)
.. He is an ogre or demon-like being who controls all warm weather all over the world.
..he can melt objects with a touch. Even flammable objects, such as a shovel's wooden handle, melt in his hand, rather than combust. Unlike Snow Miser, there is no evidence he can restore objects he melts as Snow Miser can with objects he turns to snow. His heat abilities include bolts, beams, balls of lava and spitting fire. He can also project intense heat from his hands or mouth to form objects of flame that can endure independently for a few seconds. While grumpy, hot-tempered and bitter over his belief that Santa Claus is unfair to him, giving Snow Miser free publicity while he gets none, and that Mother Nature likes Snow Miser better, he is not an evil being.
He lives in a volcano with miniature clones of himself.

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