Atlantic Hurricane Season Quietest Since 1997

Or more like weather education. I've posted information I use to help figure out the day. Often I'll also post graphics with explanations of "why" the weather guessers think the day is good.

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Atlantic Hurricane Season Quietest Since 1997

Post by dhmartens » Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:33 am

A few years ago I remember going to fly on days where a hurricane was rolling into the gulf coast. It usually meant good flying at Sylmar.

.."The forecasters said five named storms dissipated over the open ocean this year, a fairly rare occurrence, caused by unusually high levels of vertical wind shear, caused by El Nino."

'' ...Only two, weak tropical storms made landfall in the season, compared with a long-term average of 3.6.

The season, which begins in June, was late in starting, and didn't record its first storm until Aug. 15, the latest such occurrence since 1992.

The season's nine named storms and three hurricanes and two major hurricanes all were the fewest recorded since 1997.

No Category 5 storms, with sustained winds of 155 mph or more, were recorded, for the second-straight year. The latest time two or more consecutive seasons didn't have a Category 5 storm was in 1999-2002, the forecasters said. "

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